Extra Services / Facilities

(Short term accommodation)

Some of our mentors are able to offer this for our children/teens/young adult clients.

Food, activities, accommodation are included.

Transport can be provided, if required.


This is offered monthly, it runs for 3 hours and is held at the farm.

Our next date is 14/4/24
5:30 – 8:30pm

Dinner and activities are provided
Transport is available if required.

Cost is $111 per participant
(travel is extra if required)


We are so lucky to have Briony on our team! These sessions are in 1 hour blocks and are currently limited to Monday only, (when the weather is appropriate.)

Cost is $70.87 ph


This is available for use with your mentor/support worker. It is available from September – May. It closes over the winter months. This stay is inclusive of some activities.

Bookings can be made by filling in the enquiry form below ( or through your mentor/ support worker)


This is suitable for both adults and children! Each month there will be a different focus, allowing you to explore a deeper level of relaxation and yourself in a safe environment.

More dates to come
There is a limit to 10 participants for each group.

Cost is $55 per person
Available once a month


We have the very talented Kristy supporting me with this group. This is also being offered monthly and is suitable for adults. This circle is a safe space to connect and share. We begin with a cacao ceremony connecting us to our hearts and each other.

We begin 21/4/23
There is a limit of 10 participants per group.

Cost is $66 per person
Each month we will explore a different topic.


This is for the teens! I am currently in the middle of working with a group and we are exploring what self love is, and how does it fit into our lives? What actions make up self love? And all the crunchy questions in between!

This group was a pilot, and it has been so successful, I will run it again. 2 hours, once a fortnight – fruit platter provided.

Cost is $88 per person/per session

To register your interest for round 2, please fill in the form below.


This is for those clients who are creative, and are wanting to be able to create some income from the products/crafts they make. This is an in-home offering.

Our staff will support you to:

  • Understand where your niche fits within the market
  • Help you to understand marketing, and how to advertise on social media
  • Support the process of obtaining insurance, and any required permits etc
  • Support to connect you with the right people
  • Support to attend a market stall to sell your products (if this is appropriate)

This is offered at no extra cost, and can be included within a clients mentoring or support session.


This is for those clients who want to focus upon their health. Having a healing background I know the benefit of many products however the cost can prohibit people having the opportunity to explore them. This is something that I want to remove and level the playing field on.

Our staff will support you to have access to the following from the comfort of your own home:

  • An ionic foot detox spa
  • Itera care wand (this AMAZING machine cured my plantar fasciitis within 1 week, after spending nearly a year with various professionals to no avail!!)
  • Time in nature – the beach, forest, local parks – lets learn about grounding!
  • Meditation – Let’s explore the benefits of meditation, mindfulness and music!

This is available at no extra cost, and can be included within the clients mentoring or support work session.

Itera care wand
ionic foot detox spa

To enquire or book any of the above services fill in the form below

or contact the office on 0466 561 184

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