When I created this company, I did so with the value in mind that I wanted to level the playing field for those we support. This makes a considerable difference to those who are already receiving support from NDIS. However there is still a huge population of children and teens that are slipping through the cracks!

So this is where I have decided to create a mentoring sponsorship program. We as a company will be offering our services to one teen for a six month period to support them with the challenges they are personally facing. They will be welcomed free of charge to the programs we offer (that will be of benefit to them). They will receive private mentoring also.

Life is for living sponsorship program

I would love to see this go further – if you are a member of the community, and would like to sponsor a child/teen/young adult in this (please note these kids are not eligible and don’t receive any support from NDIS).

You may want to pay for/fund a specific class/group event, or for a mentor to support them or even a full 6 month scholarship.

If this is you, please reach out via the form below and one of our friendly team members will be in touch shortly.

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