Support Workers

We are proud to be launching a new way of providing support to our clients. One that is founded in safety and building long term relationships with chosen supports and the community. We have put things in place as a company to make sure this is a great experience not only for clients, but for staff also.

 Each client that signs up with LIFLM as a service provider will have a team of staff placed around them. Specifically, a team leader and a team of personally chosen support workers. Allowing the client to be supported without interruption.

It allows the clients to settle into their own private community, within our community. They have a whole team of staff focused upon their needs and quality of life. Each one is there to support and advocate as needed.

Our support workers can

  • Support with personal care

  • Getting out into the community

  • Connecting with family

  • Support around the house

  • Medical appointments

  • Support with any personal hobbies etc

As a company, we have put several measures in place to help secure stable support workers for our clients. Every clients deserve to feel, safe, secure and supported in this process. Clients are offered shifts with various team members, until the client has chosen the staff they feel comfortable with. This is a process, but long term it offers a greater protection and quality of care for the client and better working conditions for staff.

CLICK HERE if you would to book a call to discuss your personal needs, or to organise an In home no obligation assessment.

If you would like to read our information sheet on making sure you are safe with your supports

Meet our team

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Owner / Founder / Director



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