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Hello and welcome to Life is for Living Mentoring

My name is Samantha Leske, and I am the founder and director of Life is for Living Mentoring Pty Ltd.

Our journey began several years ago when I was looking for a mentor for my son, I had his name on every list I could find however to no avail. I ended up having to source one for him myself. I hired a friend of the family, who held the skill set I wanted for my son. It was the very beginning of this part of our journey.

I started mentoring myself a few years later, after completing my cert 4 in youth work, while my daughters were home-schooling, I loved the experience, and started to create some opportunities for the clients that I was working with, including activities for no extra cost.

(One of the issues with NDIS is they will pay for the mentor, but not the activities) This leaves the responsibility upon the families to provide this, for some families, this just isn’t possible.

I wanted to make it a level playing field for all clients, so that everyone has the opportunity to try new things. This is just one of the reasons we are a little different to other mentoring companies, we create and provide the activities at no extra cost in the majority of the cases (or it’s heavily subsidised)

At the beginning of 2022, I began to take on, and train other heart centred mentors who have a strong passion for creating change and improving the quality of others’ lives.

2022 has been a big year, we now have 11 staff working with us in various roles, and we have officially transitioned from sole trader to company!

We now also have capacity to offer not only mentors but support workers, a social worker and nursing staff, meaning we can engage not only with children/ teens and young adults but clients of all ages and various needs.

With our basis being “Identify the need, meet the need” this has been a natural progression for us, and we will continue to expand with staff, and opportunities for clients.

The farm and our beautiful animals are all based in Macclesfield, however staff are able to come to you, or support you within the community.

A few of the experiences we have offered our clients so far

Learning to paint Van Goghs starry nights. Mosaic classes. Natural horsemanship. Many various restaurants / cafes. Scrap booking, Macramé crafts. Adelaide goal. Urimbirra. Upcycling classes. Zoo. Mini Golf. Bowling / arcade. Mother/daughter connection clinic. Overnight stay and trip to the rodeo. Texture painting classes. Transport training.

And the list goes on . . .

Meet our team

Samantha Leske

Samantha Leske

Owner / Founder / Director



RN / Social worker / Mentor

A few other bits about LIFLM

LGBTQIA – Why is this included in the logo?

This community, for personal reasons, is near and dear to my heart. Its core basis is you are safe and accepted as you are. Your choice for and about yourself is respected.

This is a strong part of our foundation, safety, inclusivity, respect for freedom of choice and autonomy.

When clients see that the mentors are happy to wear this logo, it lets them know we are accepting of who they are, as they are – all personal choices included. It helps to create a protective barrier that allows the client to be themselves, while they are learning about themselves, their likes and dislikes, who they are, who they want to be, their peers and their community.

For the parents, it allows them to relax and know their child can be real about the experience they are having, and that their child is safe.

A large portion of our team has completed the LGBTQIA training to make sure that we are educated.

Bottom line, it doesn’t matter what community is your community, we are inclusive and ready to welcome you to our community <3

The Recovery Method is one of our foundations
The principle and belief that the client has the right to autonomy, choice, control and responsibility for self.

I am so incredibly excited for what the future looks like, and I can’t wait to connect with you and your family.

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We are currently offering support
and have capacity in the following areas :

Mentoring children/ teens/ young adults, mentoring of adults Support work, Social work and Nursing.

Please reach out by clicking on the button below, with any questions you have, or to organise a chat with one of our team members to see if what we are offering is a fit for you and your family.